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Imaginative Travel Programs

India is different. It is vast and intricate, it is undergoing rapid change, and we do things differently here.Clear communication is a major challenge, and even vastly experienced travelers run into difficulties that need local assistance to resolve them. Your guide book may be useful in other foreign countries, but it’s of only limited help in India. Local rules or practice may seem odd or unfamiliar – it helps to have an experienced agent make sure that your bookings are right.Price and star-ratings are not always a reliable guide to quality.

At “Saga World Travels”, every tour is unique, flexible and can be customized to meet your exact needs. You can start and end your vacation whenever you want, take great ideas from your personal travel assistant and design your own itinerary until you find your dream holiday. Our aim is to offer you a vacation which will include life-long memories, walking through stunning scenery, visiting monuments, parks and wildlife, sampling local cuisine, staying in local family run hotels and rural villages away from the main tourist thoroughfares.

Competitive Rates and Value for Your Money

You may find that some of our tours cost a little more than what appear to be the same offered by another tour operator. We, however, will always ensure that our customers receive the best value for money. We make sure that our customers know precisely what they are getting (no hidden extras). We will not mislead you regarding the quality of the accommodation, guides or other arrangements. We take you to the best attractions and sights, book you into comfortable accommodation, and the meals which are included are delicious.

We can also work with you to reduce the cost of your tour, but will always consult on how that should be achieved. We have a wide range of options, and can customize any of our packages to suit you specifically. For example, you can reduce the cost by changing the class of hotel, going by overnight train instead of flying on some parts of your trip, or join a group tour if you prefer. We can change the destinations to suit you, or the direction in which you travel.

Our company is proud of the flexible service that we offer and our experience and local knowledge means that you will always get the best options and value for money available.

Local knowledge, concern for our customers, and pride in our reputation for ethical dealing all matter to us.

Friendly, Professional Tours

Our Tour Leaders/Guides/Drivers are passionate about their work and love nothing more than accompanying our guest’s tours to the four corners of the world. Every trip (subject to minimum numbers) is fully accompanied by a Tour Leader with the groups and professional drivers in personal tours who will ensure every aspect of your holiday runs smoothly, provide you with friendly advice and give you a fresh insight into the destinations you are visiting. They’re only too happy to go that extra mile to make sure you have the holiday you deserve.

Your Free Time

We know how important it is not to be organized for every minute of the day. We always make sure that we leave time for you to spend as you like, whether it’s to rest, go exploring on your own, shopping or getting to know some of the locals.

Responsible Travel

As well as being a small eco-responsible travel company, we also attempt to support local community projects whenever possible. You are investing in the local people and the economy. We offer you the opportunity to meet the local people who benefit from your holiday.

Destinations and Attractions

India is vast, and it can take a long time to get from place to place. Most visitors need to select what they are going to see during their trip not many have time to see it all. Choosing where to visit isn’t easy. We put a lot of time into making sure that we can provide the best of the best. Our website has a great range of sample itineraries, which include key attractions, and masses of information to help you.

Whatever your interests are, our tours can show you the most significant, and enjoyable aspects of India’s incredible history, culture, superb natural scenery, modern life, ethnic minorities, adventure trails or any combinations of the different faces of India. We can help you select where to go if you tell us what interests you, or we can arrange or adapt an itinerary to take in specific places and attractions that you know you want to visit.

We enjoy tailoring each trip to the individual customer’s satisfaction.


Indian food is fantastic, and India is a paradise for gourmets. Food has always played an extremely important part in Indian culture, and the cuisine is varied, sophisticated, and delicious. Each region has its own specialties, and trying real Indian food in all its diversity and complexity is definitely one of the finest pleasures a foreign visitor can experience. But many travelers miss the authentic Indian food, and encounter only a very mixed bag of offerings. We offer you a different experience. We pick up local restaurants featuring authentic local flavors to make sure our guests can try “real” Indian food.

Easy to Contact, Prompt Responses and 24/7 Support

“Saga World Travels” can be contacted either by phone or email. We have created www.sagaworldtravels.in so that you can access our services and all other travel related information at any time anywhere. We reply to emails (and check the phones) around the clock and will typically respond to you within 24 hours. In fact, we often respond much sooner than 24 hours. This high level of customer service will continue when you begin your tour with 24/7 support from “Saga World Travels” and from our expert local staff and guides.